Webinar on Calculate True-Loads : Strain Correlated in-situ load estimation for Fatigue Life Estimation

Date : 3rd May 2021, 07.30pm IST
Dr. Timothy G. Hunter, President
Wolf Star Technologies LLC, USA

Dr. Hunter has a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics and is considered a world authority on Structural Analysis. His work experience includes 22 years at Harley-Davidson, where he led a group of 70 engineers, designers and managers. He had exposure and responsibility for every aspect of the product development process; every model of motorcycle leaving Harley-Davidson in production during his tenure has had his direct influence, from the frame and swingarm to nearly every gas tank and fender. As president and founder of
Wolf Star Technologies, LLC, Dr. Hunter has created a first to market software (True-Load) which brings critical understanding loading on complex structures.

Dr. Hunter’s vision, extend the capabilities of FEA software to answer the true needs of the product engineer: “What are my loads?”; “Where is the best place to lay strain gauges?”; “What is the best shape?”; “How long will my product last?” He is able to combine education and experience with the strengths of commercial Finite Element Analysis software to deliver general purpose software that answers these questions.
He worked as a Adjuct Professor at Marquette University Milwaukee, WI, and adjunct instructor at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI.

Abstract of Talk

Digital Twin applications that integrate in-situ load measurements with periodically updated simulations of remaining fatigue life hold great promise for creating huge value in maintenance and logistical operations. In this work, we implement two commercially available, off-the-shelf solutions to create a closed loop pogo stick digital twin that tracks damage accumulation due to actual loads experienced. A pogo stick was chosen because it experiences highly non-linear loading. The system records 12 strain gauges on the pogo stick frame at 1000 Hz. Strain gauges were placed using the True-Load load reconstruction. The True-Load process automatically creates strain correlation plots comparing measured strain to the strains in the FEA model simulated by the reconstructed loads. It also converts the strain gauge signals into 3 mutually perpendicular load channels that then are fed to a simulation of the pogo stick’s rubber tip. After each “operating” session, load history from the pogo stick is downloaded and accumulated as fatigue damage in a digital twin that tracks the remaining life of the rubber tip of the pogo stick. The Endurica DT incremental fatigue solver is used to accumulate damage in all finite elements of the model, for each operating session. The result is a continually updated account of remaining life left in the pogo stick tip due to actual loads experienced. Whether you are developing a new product, or operating a digital twin, combining real-time high accuracy structural loads with real-time fatigue evaluation software will propel you leaps and bounds towards a digital twin for durability.

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