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InSIS Webinar Series – 2022 – Mathematical and Physical Reality of Reliability

Unified platform for Indian Structural Integrity

Speaker: Dr. G.V. Prasad Reddy

Research Scientist

IGCAR, Kalpakkam, India

Date: 18th June 2022

Venue: Online


India has an ambitious programme on the establishment of Advanced Ultra-Supercritical (AUSC) coal-fired power plant technology with steam parameters of 310 bar pressure and temperature 983/993 K.  In this National mission, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), Kalpakkam is entrusted with the task of indigenous development of materials, generation of material data and development of manufacturing and welding technologies for Indian AUSC Plant.  The AUSC Materials Programme envisages the development of materials from boiler section to the turbine section, i.e. for the components of boiler tubes, Superheaters/Reheaters, Steam Valves and turbine rotor/casing.   As the temperature of steam from boiler to turbine range from 823 K to 983 K, several materials have been developed and were evaluated for creep, fatigue, fracture, steam-side corrosion and fire-side oxidation.  The presentation would cover in brief the indigenous materials development and some of the mechanical properties of materials (304HCu SS, Alloy 617M, 10Cr-forge, Cast 625) considered for Boiler, Turbine rotor/Casing components operating at temperatures above 873 K.

Bio-data of speaker:

Dr. G.V. Prasad Reddy is working as a research scientist at Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, India since 2005. He has 16 years of expertise on assessment of creep-fatigue interaction, creep, low cycle fatigue, thermo-mechanical fatigue of high temperature materials of interest to Fast Reactor and Fusion Nuclear Reactors and AUSC coal-fired power plants.  Currently, he is heading Creep Studies Section.    

He has received Group Achievement awards, from Department of Atomic Energy, for the contributions towards indigenous development of 9Cr-ODS steel clad tubes (2011), High Nitrogen 316LN SS (2015), and IFAC-1 SS clad tubes (2018) for Sodium cooled fast reactors and INRAFM steel (2014) for fusion reactor.  Receipt of Young Engineer Awards from INAE (2013), INS (2013) and DAE (2011).  Under research scholarship (in 2011-2012) from National Research Agency (France), he has conducted collaborative research work on “Dislocation dynamics simulation of Stage-I fatigue microcrack propagation” at Laboratory SYMME, University of Savoie, France.  He has 66 journal publications in peer-reviewed international journals.

Organized by:

InSIS and Center for Structural Integrity of Safety Critical Systems, IIT Madras