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Unified platform for Indian Structural Integrity

InSIS Webinar Series 2023 – Machining Induced Changes in Surface Integrity and its impact on Aerospace Structural Integrity

Speaker: Dr. Helmi Attia Mechanical Engineering Department, McGill University, Canada Date: 23rd September 2023 Venue: Online Abstract: Surface integrity is one of the most critical outputs…
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InSIS Webinar Series 2022 – Monitoring and Modeling for the Integrity of Aerospace Structures

Speaker: Prof. Sridhar Santhanam Villanova University, USA  Date: 19th November 2022 Venue: Online Bio-data of speaker: Dr. Santhanam received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from…
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InSIS Webinar Series 2022 – Size Effect in Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics

Speaker: Prof. K. S. Ravi Chandran Department of Materials Science & Engineering University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA Date: 20th August 2022 Venue: Online Bio-data…
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InSIS WebinarSeries2023 ‘Learning from Mistakes’ Evolution of the Airframe & Aero-engine SI program

Speaker: Dr R Sunder  Research  Director BISS, India  Date: 27th May 2023 Venue: Online Organized by: InSIS and Center for Structural Integrity of Safety Critical Systems,…
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InSIS Webinar Series2023 – Effect of Electric Current on Pre-cracked Thin Metallic Sheets

Speaker: Prof. Praveen Kumar Department of Materials Engineering IISc, Bangalore   Date: 11th March 2023 Venue: Online Bio-data of speaker: Organized by: InSIS and Center for…
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InSIS Webinar Series – 2023 Thermo mechanical fatigue behavior of high temperature structural materials

Speaker: Dr A. Nagesha IGCAR, Kalpakkam Date: 25th February 2023 Venue: Online Bio-data of speaker: Working in the areas of Low Cycle Fatigue, Creep-Fatigue Interaction, High…
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InSIS Webinar Series – 2023 Fatigue-Crack Healing in Nano-crystalline Metals

Speaker: Dr. Brad L. Boyce Staff Scientist, CINT Sandia National Laboratories Date: 19th August 2023 Venue: Online Abstract: In-situ TEM high-cycle fatigue experiments on electron transparent thin…
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InSIS Webinar Series – 2022 – Mathematical and Physical Reality of Reliability

Speaker: Dr. G.V. Prasad Reddy Research Scientist IGCAR, Kalpakkam, India Date: 18th June 2022 Venue: Online Abstract: India has an ambitious programme on the establishment of…
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InSIS Webinar Series – 2022 – Advances in NDE and SHM for Structural Integrity

Speaker: Dr. Shyamsunder Mandayam, Chief Scientific Advisor Azeriri Pvt Ltd, Chennai Date: 17th September 2022 Venue: Online Abstract: Ensuring structural integrity (SI) of engineering components and structures…
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InSIS Webinar Series – 2023 – Crack propagation in soft materials

Speaker: Prof. Namrata Gundiah Department of Mechanical Engineering, IISc, Bangalore Date: 15th April 2023 Venue: Online Abstract: Soft materials in everyday uses such as jellies, creams,…
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