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Unified platform for Indian Structural Integrity

Indian Structural Integrity Society (InSIS)

A Special Invitation to Lifetime Membership

India is one of the world’s most rapidly growing economies showing sustained e growth in the energy, transportation and manufacturing sectors. Enormous investments are made on setting up and operating a variety of industries related to education, manufacturing, civil construction, energy, transportation and defense, i.e., the key sectors that characterize economic growth.   This is a huge opportunity to leverage expertise and experience in adoption of the best technology to suit local needs and in lifting local industry competence to globally competitive levels. The common thread running through all these sectors is Structural Integrity, the multitude of interconnected disciplines that together determine safety, durability and robustness of everything that works and moves. These include:

– Material Behavior
– Fatigue and Fracture
– Failure Analysis for Root Cause & Product Refinement
– Strength, Durability and Corrosion Resistance of Marine and Offshore Structures
– Structural Health Monitoring & Nondestructive Inspection
– Strength and Durability of Medical Devices, Implants, Prosthetics
– Durability of Electronic Components, Boards, Assemblies and Enclosures
– Strength, Durability and Earthquake Engineering of Civil Structures
– Cell & Tissue Property Characterization
– Life Extension of Thermal & Nuclear Power Plants
– Health Monitoring and Life Extension of Aircraft
– Durability, Health Monitoring and Life Extension of Railway & Metro Rolling Stock, Rails and Sleepers
– Analysis & Testing of Automotive Structures for Durability
– Strength, fracture and durability of space launch vehicles, their components and materials
– Test Technology for materials, components and full-scale structures
– Engineering for Structural Integrity – Computer Aided Simulation
– Durability & Strength in the Product Development Cycle

…and many others

The Indian Structural Integrity Society (InSIS) unites professionals in Structural Integrity by providing a common platform for professional networking, showcasing capability and dissemination of new knowledge related to Structural Integrity through publications in the most prestigious peer reviewed publications. InSIS solicits membership of scientists, educators, practicing engineers, vendors and customers working in all disciplines relating to Structural Integrity. Membership is also open to individuals and organizations overseas interested in building suitable points of local contact to further professional and business interests.

If you are a professional with interest in one or more of the above list of disciplines, please treat this as a personal invitation to make the best use of an expanding peer collective. This will open the doors to highly focused conferences and exhibitions that show case latest advances in academic research and industrial applications and workshops to hone skills and expertise related to Structural Integrity. If you are a retired person with interest in sharing your expertise, consider membership to serve as faculty on our Workshops and perhaps find an organization that may be interested in your consulting services. If you are a post graduate student, consider concessional student membership for exposure to new knowledge, potential employment opportunities and peer review leading to publication of your work. If you are in corporate management, you may wish to consider the option of Corporate Membership that comes with special privileges and concessions for your employees wishing to participate in InSIS activity.

Benefits of being member of the society

  1. Companies/ Industries/ Institutions get a platform for interaction, business promotion and technical exchange.
  2. Can participate in the technical activities organized by the society including Annual General meeting.
  3. Get concessional registration for selected seminars/conferences.
  4. Students get assistance for training, placement etc.

Need more details ? reach out to secretary@insis.in