Webinar on Advances in Fracture Mechanics

Advances in Fracture Mechanics
First Speaker – Dr. I. S. Raju,
Topic – Pressure Vessel Damage Tolerance Analyses – Some Issues
The paper tries to answer the questions: can the safe life analysis consider only the life for the crack sizes at the two required limits, or endpoints, of the (a/c) range for the NDE method used, or does the analysis need to consider values within that range? What would be an appropriate method to interpolate 90/95 POD crack sizes at intermediate (a/c) values? Several procedures to develop combinations of a and c within the specified range are explored. A simple linear relationship between a and c is chosen to compare the effects of seven different approaches to determine combinations of aj and cj that are between the (a/c) endpoints.


Second Speaker – Prof. J. Newman Jr.
Topic – Fatigue of Engineered Metallic Materials under Constant- and Variable-Amplitude Loading

The current paper reviews the application of the FASTRAN code to the fatigue behavior of notched and un-notched coupons made of aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, steels and additive
manufactured materials. In general, the code worked very well using the same initial micro-
structural flaw size for a given material under both constant- and variable-amplitude loading. But further research and modeling needs to be done on oxide-debris- and roughness-induced closure effects on fatigue and crack growth.
Conference Moderator: Dr. R. Sunder, Dr. B. Dattaguru.

Nov 6, 2020 06:30 PM in Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi

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